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Male Extra Reviews 2019

Does that mean you can not satisfy the woman of your dreams in bed?
Absolutely not, and you do not have to spend on expensive devices and surgery. The solution is as simple as taking a few pills. With Male Extra, all your problems are solved. That why we have decided to review it

What is Male Extra exactly?

Male Extra is simply an organic food supplement that helps men stimulate their libido. It is produced by one of the biggest names in the industry – Vobue Limited, based on the Cyprus islands.
Male Extra helps boost sexual performance by adjusting various secondary factors such as erection, duration, blood flow, physical stamina, and libido.

How does Male Extra work?

Male Extra is a skillful blend of ingredients that improves blood circulation in penile tissues, ensuring a quality erection for a long time. The firmness of the erection is often the result of the amount of blood injected into the cavernous bodies that inflate the penis.
Male Extra works by dilating the blood vessels and improving blood circulation, giving an even more intense orgasm. The advantage of using Male Extra is that improving blood circulation results in increased efficiency and faster transport of nutrients and oxygen into the body, which offsets energy spent during a night of intense frolics.
It helps improve endurance and relieve the feeling of fatigue by giving you all the time in the world to make love all-day

Male Extra Ingredients

If you want to judge the effectiveness of a supplement and know if it works or not, the secret lies in the ingredients. Here are all the ingredients that make the Male Extra so powerful for men.

L-Arginine HCL (600 mg)

Fish and meat are among the best sources of this basic amino acid and it is so important to cope with the power as it stimulates nitric oxide in the body.
The higher the nitric oxide, the better the blood circulation in the body. And since your penis will now have higher blood flow, the erections will be harder and will stay longer.

Grenade 40% Ellagic Acid (500mg)

One of the reasons why pomegranate is such a healthy fruit is that it is full of antioxidants because of the presence of ellagic acid.
This healthy acid will also stimulate blood circulation in the body in just 90 days. It increases blood flow in such a short time because it prevents nitric oxide in the body from the damage caused by free radicals.

MSM (100mg)

MSM or methyl sulfonyl methane is the organic form of sulfur. Not only does it aim to increase blood circulation, but above all, to improve the health of tissues and cells of the body, which include tissues around your penis. With age, the tissues and cells weaken and can no longer support as much blood as before.
By stimulating the growth of new healthy cells, more blood enters your penis, increasing its size and ensuring that your erections are satisfying for you and your partner.

L-methionine (100 mg)

L-Methionine is another very important amino acid because it prevents histidine from turning into histamine.
Histamine helps with ejaculation, which is important, but when ejaculation is excessive, it can be premature. By lowering the histamine level, it gives you control to continue for hours so you do not have to worry about PE anymore.


Zinc Cintrate (14mg)

I’m sure you know that zinc is an important mineral in the body and even more so for your libido as it is directly related to testosterone production.
Fortunately, zinc is easy to increase because it is also available in seeds, nuts, dairy products, eggs, meat, whole grains and not just in supplements. A diet rich in zinc alone can increase testosterone and libido by 70% in 3-4 months.
But the reason we think Male Extra is the ultimate solution is that its formula contains zinc citrate that is absorbed much faster than other sources.

Cordyceps (25mg)

Cordyceps has been used to improve sexual health from an early age in China. Do not misunderstand the name, it is a mushroom available in the Himalayan region, a mushroom with a strong enough ability to increase libido and improve the functioning of the sexual organs.
And the reason it’s so powerful is the perfect blend of deoxyadenosine and cordycetic acid that works on the part of the brain that stimulates sex. That is, the brain sends signals that increase blood flow to your boyfriend, which makes your erections strong and increases your stamina.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) (18 mg)

Niacin is just vitamin B3 which, again, aims to increase blood flow in the body by increasing the relaxation of blood vessels.
Besides, it will also reduce fatigue, which is why niacin is a common ingredient in most bodybuilding supplements. But even if you’re not exercising, rather than the stress and hectic work days that wear you out, you’ll be out of breath even in the middle of the night

Male Extra: Its prices and delivery

Male Extra exists in three formats and their prices as of March 22, 2019, are as follows.
• 1 bottle: € 48.45 – you save € 18.00
• 4 bottles + Free Erection Gel: € 154.95 – you save € 170.00
• 6 bottles + 2 x Free Gel Erection: € 189.81 – you save € 268.00
You can always buy these supplements on their official website: While the delivery is free and is shipped in discreet packaging worldwide. Besides, there is a 100% refund policy within 60 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that are often asked by user about this product of which answering them would be of great help to other users like you and some of them are as follows:

Are The Capsules safe for vegetarians?

No, this capsules are not basically made bearing vegetarians in mind, though vegetarians can as well take ingredients inside it. So, you can open the capsule, pour the ingredients in your mouth, then use water to drink it.

How Quickly Will You Receive Your Order?

When I placed my own order, the product arrived on time. It took just 2 days. According to my research, people leaving in US and UK used to receive their products within 2 days too, while places like Canada, Australia and other European countries used to receive their order in 5 days’ time.

Can men and women use Male Extra?

Male Extra is as safe for men as it is for women and works much in the same way. Although when it comes to results, lifestyle has an impact. If you have a higher fat percentage or are more active, you will probably get results faster. But if you are slightly leaner or you do not like to move a lot, the results may take a while

How much weight can I lose with Male Extra?

The amount of weight you can lose will vary again from person to person. More active people who go on a run or hiking like at the gym every day can lose about 35 pounds or more each month.
But in general, reports suggest a weight loss of 10-15 pounds per month. So, if you want faster and more effective results, stop being a sofa potato and move on.

Is training a must?

Definitely not. You can lose weight even without exercising. The only reason we recommend doing so is that it will improve the results. Plus, once you stop taking the pills, you will not gain weight immediately.

Is Male Extra a vegetarian product?

Yes, Male Extra is made from herbs found in plants around the world and contains no non-vegetarian products.

How many cups of coffee can I take with Male Extra?

Well, it usually depends on how your body responds to caffeine intake. If you experience caffeine overdose symptoms such as the upset stomach, vomiting, etc. then reducing your coffee consumption would be the right step.

What happens once I stop Male Extra?

Once you stop taking the supplement, I suggest you regulate your caloric intake. You will see an initial impulse in cravings and the only way to tackle them is through a pure will. Apart from this, make sure you eat at the right time and avoid sodas and other soft drinks.


Well, buying a supplement like Male Extra is not so easy. There are tons of things that one must take care of, such as the ingredients used and whether they have side effects or not, who can and cannot take the supplement, but Male Extra is quite efficient and has proved its with enough efficiency.

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